Platforms we WL

Ikon GM currently white labels Ikon Futures, Ikon Platinum for select WL partners. We have an ever expanding White Label partners group over 4 continents and many countries.


A background check is done for all our WL applicants after application. If terms are agreed, we do require a signed ‘White Label Agreement’, a signed Non-disclosure Agreement, Initial and first monthly service fees up front.

Also in order for us to build the White Label, we need Platform to be White Labeled, 250 x 250 px WL logo, White Label Name, Product name and 250 x 250 px Product Logo


In order to apply for a WL, please forward below information to sales@ikongm.com:

1) Company Name
2) Country
3) Contact Person Name
4) Contact Person Title
5) Management Phone
6) E-mail Address (Notification)
7) Technical Person Name
8) Support Phone
9) E-mail Address (Support)
10) Platform requested to be Wled

Our Sales team will contact you shortly regarding your request.


On average, it takes around 5-8 business days to get the necessary approvals, get the agreements signed, build the WL platform and do the necessary tests before the release.


Ikon GM charges both an initial setup fee and a monthly maintenance fee for its WLs. White Label fees we charge on our platforms depends on the specific service requested from us and options should be discussed after application process.

Did You Know?

"That Ikon GM has WL partners from 4 continents."