Frequently Asked Questions

We put together the questions we frequently receive, hoping they might serve as a guidance to you as well. You will find questions ranging from how to open an account, to system requirements for IKON GM Online Platforms.


Dealing Handbook

The Dealing Handbook section is designed to provide you the details of the dealing services IKON GM provides. Here, you will find information on our trading hours, margin policy, phone dealing, order types you can execute and many more.


Funding Info

In this section, you will find account information from major global banks where you can deposit funds for your account at IKON GM.


Technical Assistance

IKON GM Technical Team works for you around the clock, 24 hours a day. In case you have any technical questions, or experience a technical problem with one of IKON GM’s products, please do not hesitate to contact our technical professionals at 1-800-597-1581 or


FT Chat

FT Chat is now at your service. Our unique live chat program is designed to help you trade with IKON GM in markets that are not online. FT Chat is a secure application through which you can contact all our dealers. Please contact your Account Executive in IKON GM.

Did You Know?

"That Ikon GM offers ECN solutions on all its FX platforms."