Online Precious Metals

As one of the oldest financial products available to the investing public, Precious Metals have fascinated all levels of investors. IKON GM firmly believes that Precious Metals are an integral part of every investor’s portfolio. In an effort to provide the average investor a faster more efficient vehicle to access the precious metals markets, IKON GM has created Gold and Silver Bullion trading on the IKON Platinum platform. As a primary market maker in the precious metals markets, IKON GM is committed to providing client’s 24-hour access to the bullion markets. Through the IKON Platinum platform, clients receive a streaming bid and offer for spot gold and silver.

Trading Spot Bullion with IKON Platinum

• Streaming two-way “live” prices
• Auto dealing: Click and execute!
• The flexible increments for bullion are 20oz for XAU and 5,000oz for XAG.
• 5 different Order Types
• Access to options on bullion
• Narrow quotes at all times!
• One statement: multiple products
• News and Market analysis
• 24-hour, 6 days dealing
• Delivery facilities available on request

Did You Know?

"That IKON GM Serve as Initial Market Making Member on SMX."