Our Services
IKON Global Markets provides three online dealing platforms, IKON Prodigy for traders who wish to speculate on movements in the Spot FX market. Integrated backoffice system, tick by tick updating p/l and margin information make is easier to follow the risk and positions.
IKON Global Markets is a market maker in OTC FX and Bullion options market. The firm’s truly unique trading platform, Ikon Prodigy, delivers streaming two-way quotes on vanilla options.
IKON GM provides an online futures trading platform IKON Futures for the exchange regulated market, where you can trade 24 hours using streaming live quotes, narrow spreads, and view your positions, statement summaries and unrealised & realised profit & loss statements instantaneously updated.
IKON GM is proud to offer Emerging markets non-deliverable forwards (NDFs). Brazilian Real, Russian Ruble, Indian Rupee and Columbian Peso are among the first offered NDFs from Ikon Prodigy platform.
IKON Global Markets has a long tradition catering to active metal traders. With a worldwide network of dealers, producers, consumers and speculators, IKON GM brings a breadth of experience to our clients. Instant executions, position tracking, account management, narrower spreads and first ever market depth on bullion are among many features available to our clients.
Ikon GM is proud to inform that Nasdaq OMX Futures Exchange partners with Ikon Global Markets to offer Nasdaq Futures Exchange products to clients.

Did You Know?

"That IKON GM Serve as Initial Market Making Member on SMX."