Ikon Futures

“ Next Generation on Futures ”

IKON GM provides execution facilitiy for most major global futures exchanges with IKON FUTURES Trading Platform.

Futures trading have vastly became a significant part of investor portfolios. Either as a hedging tool or a speculative investment, corporate and individual futures transactions accounts majority of todays financial markets.

Traders has 24/5 access to the global electronic futures markets with our state-of-the-art futures link system. IKON FUTURES provides realtime data on most of the US Exchanges which provides a rich function set for futures markets and enables multiple order types to be configured for whole markets or individual product groups. Trading Platform is composed of fo main components, supported by FTechnics Technologies:

Pricing and execution:

Ikon futures provides streaming live prices from most major electronic exchanges. P&L and margin values are calculated from live market prices instantly. Also customers can view their P&L on commodity basis. You can follow your account balance and intraday margin values from the account value tab on the right hand side. Placed orders are directly submitted to the exchanges without any human intervention.

User Friendly Interface:

Customers will enjoy the opportunity to place orders from two different ticket setups. The “order ticket” will allow them to place direct orders in to the market depth and edit them by drag and drop option, while a set of “quick tickets” can be used to place instant orders to multiple commodities. Canceling all orders and closing all positions with a single button makes easy the order management.

Embedded Backoffice Ikon GM provides a direct backoffice access to all its Futures users. System consists of daily and monthly statements, reports, trades details, swap charges table and personal information. Backoffice system is integrated and can be directly accessed from the Ikon Futures system under ‘statements’ tab. All journal and wire entries are also logged on the system on a daily basis.

Integrated News Alerts:

Ikon GM customers can reach detailed market reports from the news tab located on the right hand side toolbar. Our experts prepare daily reports on various commodities and markets. Clients also have access to instant news, data announcements and statements compiled from numerous sources.

Live Online Chat Support:

Ikon GM offers 24/7 support to its customers. From Ikon Futures, users have direct access to detailed manual, a demonstration video on how to use the systems, a direct access to search our libraries for frequently asked questions, E-support system to place online inquiries and opportunity to chat with a live support personnel instantly from the program. When building relationships with our clients, we pride ourselves in assisting them on a timely basis.

Did You Know?

"That Ikon GM offers three Unique FX platforms."