Introducing Brokers

Your clients will enjoy the opportunity to trade on some of world’s most popular online systems. In the mean time you will receive rebates and commissions and you can track these financials from your online IB backoffice. In addition you will have all the tools you need under your personal online IB center to manage clients & leads.

Application Process:

IB applicants should fill IB Questionnaire and send it to Then our specialists will contact you shortly after a background check. Qualified applicants will sign an IB agreement with us and can start introducing clients immediately.

Account Opening

You can start introducing clients right after you sign the IB agreement. If we receive all the supporting documentation on time our account opening process usually takes less than 24 hours. Upon request IBs can be provided a personalized online ‘Account Opening link’, which will mark the IB automatically as the ‘referrer of the account’ in our systems.

IB Backoffice

IBs will receive reports and daily/ monthly statements on their rebates and commissions directly from internet. You can access our simple web-based backoffice application from any where you can access the internet with your login details.

IB Center

IB Center is your personal organized access to all IKON GM related information you may need. From your link, you will have access to all platform downloads, manuals, IB Dealers, application links, funding/ withdrawal information, company news, FAQ, E-support panel access, live chat, contact information.

Select IBs are also offered Sales System CRM to manage leads and read only access to their client’s account application status.

Rebates & Commissions

rebates and commissions are decided on mutual agreement. Many factors including, but not limited to client size, trade volume and traded markets are factored into this decision.

Did You Know?

"that IKON GM is also known as IKON FX."