Electronic Financial Information Policy System (v2.03)

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eFips is a messaging policy system for developing server side communication applications for automatic order execution and streaming price feed. The system does not force developers to use any kind of third party dll or compiled code. Any environment that allows socket connection and send XML messages over it, is able to interact with the eFips servers. So the architecture is independent from the type of the operating system, networking structure, programming language that the client applications are using.

The security aspect of eFips is well-designed with its multiple levels :

1- Data transfer over the internet is encrypted via secure shell
2- Critical operations like sending or amending orders are protected with secure key exchange algorithm with client specific initial private keys
3- IP and password limitations are used while communication channels are being established

In eFips, for every single message sent from the client to the server, there is a two phase response structure. The client is informed initially by the reach of the message to the server immediately. The result of the operation is sent with the second response message.


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